The morning sun lights up the smooth tarmac and the roads stretch out before you. It’s an invitation of pure exhilaration. It’s time to go Swifting. On a lazy Sunday. A busy Wednesday. On city roads. Upon highways. With someone. With your crew. The Epic New Swift is pure emotion. It’s a legacy in motion. And every time you pull out of the driveway, every time you push the pedal to the metal and hear the engine roar – It’s time to go Swifting!

The Epic New Swift is the complete safety package. It comes with 6 Airbags standard across all variants and additional safety features to keep the risk of injury to a minimum and safety to the max.

Feel the perfect balance of performance and fuel efficiency with the All-New 1.2L Z-Series Engine.This engine is future-ready and engineered to give you a fun and thrilling ride with ample torque to let you easily zip around the city.

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