Embodying NEXA’s Crafted Futurism Design Language, the INVICTO features signature design elements like the NEXTre’ LED Headlamps, LED Tail lamps, and the NEXWave Grille with urbane chrome accents.


A strong design language reinforces a brand and the INVICTO is not an exception to that. It embodies NEXA’s Crafted Futurism design language, a work of art inspired by the future. The INVICTO brings to light signature design elements like the NEXTré DRLs, LED Tail Lamps, and the NEXWave Grille with urbane chrome accents to play an active role in making the majestic.


There’s an air of sophistication that always prevails with the INVICTO. Its defiant front fascia and striking alloys give it a sharp, insubmissive look, which make it a sight to behold. Moreover, its strong stance oozes elegance and commands attention when it is on the move and even when it’s not


The view of the arch lights, the sound of the applause, and the camera flashes are best enjoyed from inside the INVICTO. And all you have to do is take your seat and enjoy the show. While you are in it, you can switch from normal view to panoramic through the Sunroof whilst basking in the glory of the Ambient Lights, which add a sense of warmth and depth inside the cabin.


There's power in comfort. And that power helps you choose what sort of comfort you are in the mood for. Quiet at times. Groovy sometimes. But comfortably extraordinary all the time with ventilated seats in the front row, and plush captain seats in the 2nd row. For your added convenience, INVICTO comes with comfort enhancing features such as front and rear Multi-Zone Climate Control and One-Touch Powered Tailgate. 


INVICTO extends the frontiers of refined driving with its state-of-the-art technology. It has everything from Digital MID to Cruise Control and a Powered Driver Seat with a Memory Function. And that’s just the beginning. The real cherry on the top is that INVICTO is powered by Suzuki Intelligent Electric Hybrid with multiple Drive Modes, which not only contributes for an unparalleled driving experience but also contributes towards the environment with low carbon emissions.


A good driving experience feels even greater when it meets unmatched safety. INVICTO is equipped with the Revolutionary Suzuki Connect, which now comes with integrated eCall functionality. So, from operating your car remotely to providing rapid assistance, and shielding you with 6 airbags, INVICTO has left no stone unturned to make sure that you don’t just arrive at a destination but stay cocooned in advanced safety throughout your journey.

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